Update Covid-Situation

Dear guests

Because of the continuing critical situation, the Federal Council decided to introduce the 2G with mask requirement or 2G+ rule (2G = vaccinated or recovered; 2G+ = vaccinated or recovered or vaccinated or recovered and additional negative test result) nationwide starting December 20, 2021.

For your safe and carefree well-being time, we inform you about the implementation of the measures, which is always done in the interest of your health and the health of our employees:

Seeblick Höhenhotel
In all areas of the hotel applies the 2G rule and thus the mask wearing obligation. In our restaurant you enjoy food and drinks seated.

Apple Spa
The 2G+ rule applies throughout the fitness and spa areas. In the 2G+ areas, the mask requirement does not apply.
Except from the certificate requirement are all treatments In these areas, the mask requirement applies to all guests.

Good to know
2G rule: vaccinated and recovered, mask and seat obligation.
2G+ rule: vaccinated or recovered in the last 4 months or vaccinated or recovered and additional negative test result
The regulations apply to all persons 16 years and older.

Your event
For events in the interior of the Seeblick Höhenhotel, the 2G rule applies. This includes events without food service. There is also a general obligation to wear masks.

Testing on site
On site, we do not offer testing facilities. You still need a 2G+ certificate? You can find opportunities for testing here:

Corona Testcenter, Spital Nidwalden, P +41 41 618 17 92
by appointment only

Praxis am Dorfplatz, Buochs, P +41 41 620 64 55

Praxis Dr. med. Semun Abdili, Emmetten, P +41 41 620 16 08
(on holiday as from 27. December 2021)