Summer Specials

  • Stay Regional

    Stay Regional

    Starting from 146 CHF

    Regional commitment is a matter close to our heart.

  • Offer test

    1. August Special

    Starting from 213 CHF

    Celebrate Switzerland's birthday with us

  • Romantic-Special


    Starting from 218 CHF

    Enjoying moments together.

  • Quality-Time


    Starting from 248 CHF

    Arrive. Pamper. Enjoy.

  • Bike - Special

    Bike - Special

    Starting from 264 CHF

    Experience the incredibly beauty of Central Switzerland by bike and relax from everyday life.

  • Hiking - Special

    Hiking Special

    Starting from 278 CHF

    Experience local wildlife and fantastic views.

  • Family - Adventure

    Family - Adventure

    Starting from 284 CHF

    A windy and fun experience downhill