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A healthy mind in a healthy body. Treat your body to the relaxation it needs after an intense day of hiking or seminars or simply to balance out your stay.

With our partner SkinApart Luzern you will experience soothing and relaxing treatments with visible results. Always carried out by trained hands, with a lot of competence and experience by Katja A. Block.


The Best of Swiss Skincare

Elly Swiss

«Our products are made exclusively from natural active ingredients and do not contain parabens. Therefore, you can count on a high level of tolerance. The anti-aging effect has been demonstrated by dermatologists in modern imaging test procedures and it is among the best in the industry. We care for the environment and do not use microplastics. The cultivation and the production of the ingredients are strictly controlled and we pay attention to high customer satisfaction. Trust, respect and gratitude to customers, employees and nature are among our values.» (

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Scientific findings of natural active ingredients


«Our philosophy: we strive for the world's best natural cell protection and draw our inspiration for this from bionics.
Our application areas for cell protection, regeneration, improvement of vitality and performance enhancement range from clinical-therapeutic cosmetic products to nutritional supplements or fitness products to lifestyle and wellness products. For us, an ethical and consumer-oriented approach is our first priority: e.g. research without animal testing, gluten- and lactose-free products, manufacturing process kosher and halal, fair production conditions, manufacturing in Switzerland.» (

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Quality Cosmetics by Anke Rothe


«The cosmetic series "Royal Care" stands for high-quality cosmetics with active ingredients and optimal bioavailability. The use of stabilisers, emulsifiers, preservatives or colourants is avoided as far as possible in the production process. Laboratory tests confirm the harmlessness of the use of "Royal Care" products.» (

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